Benzoyl Peroxide Versus Salicylic Acid

If you have acne you’ve certainly heard plenty about benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These two products are the active ingredients found in most all over-the-counter acne treatments. Some products even contain both ingredients, however you may be left to wonder which option is best for your condition.

There is no one answer for the question of which product is best. This really depends on your skin and the acne that you are bothered with as well as the product that you prefer to use. Every individual’s need will vary and the product should be selected based on these needs.

Benzoyl Peroxide works to reduce acne-causing bacteria. It works best for acne that is inflamed and red. Some people, especially those with sensitive skin, nay find benzoyl peroxide to harsh for their skin. It is recommended to use the lowest possible dosage of the product (2.5%) and increase the dosage is desired results are attained. Both OTC and prescription acne treatments use Benzoyl Peroxide to treat the skin conditions.

Salicylic Acid works to speed up cell turnover rates. For those with milder forms of acne, as well as individuals with sensitive skin, this product is usually the better option. Salicylic acid also works well for teenagers and those who are sensitive to benzoyl peroxide.

Both Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are highly effective in treating acne and are the two mos commonly used ingredients inside of acne products sold over the counter. Side effects with either product are mild but include dryness, peeling and irritation. You may wish to consider using both products for the most effective acne fighting results. For example, you can choose a cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide and a lotion that contains Salicylic Acid. Be warned, however, the chance of experiencing side effects is greater when the two products are used together. Get the best acne treatments on

No matter which ingredient you choose, remember that treating acne will take time and effort. It did not develop overnight nor will it go away this fast. Stick with your program, ensuring that you use the chosen product as it is intended to be used. Within a few short weeks you should be able to find yourself free of acne using either product. If, after three months, you are not seeing any results, contact a dermatologist. Some resistant acne must use a prescription strength product to attain results.